Find your voice in your history

Hi everyone ...thank you for visiting our website!

Let me confess on why and how I came up with አፈታሪክ Afetarik.

It all started in 2014 when I got back to Addis after almost 7 years in a foreign country.

   At that time, Addis was full of construction sites, the train project, so many buildings under construction. This was the time I started rediscovering the city. I realized the city I was born, I grew up in, the streets that I know very well, the buildings I am familiar with are beginning to change. I decided to do something about this when I stepped my foot in Mexico area and after I saw that long railroad crossing Meskel Square.

   I started to feel our parent's pain when they say things were much better before. It’s not that they don’t like the new things it’s that whatever they had a connection with is not there anymore, and they miss that. I quickly understood that I’m getting to that age where I’ll be the storyteller. We all grew up listening to stories that we thought were exaggerated, very nostalgic, sometimes not even real. Those stories are actually our history, the reality on how things were but by lack of documentation we doubted them.

   I tried to find a solution with the aim of documenting and preserving the stories and memories of Addis residents by making oral history recordings more accessible. አፈታሪክ Afetarik will be of a great answer to the growing need to preserve unrecorded Addis’s History that will be lost as communities experience demographic shifts or as older residents pass away. This website is a platform that will allow the citizens of Addis-Abeba take the leadership role in the documentation, preservation of their own history, by sharing what they know about the naming of their neighborhood often times not clear to many of us. አፈታሪክ Afetarik is trying to implement this culture of documenting our history by ourselves.

     This platform Will be used to collect stories, visuals and much more to help us understand our history. In long-term, the plan is to be able to print books dedicated only to neighborhoods using all the information collected through አፈታሪክ Afetarik's website and make this collectible book accessible for all in libraries and bookstores. The final aim of Afetarik is to be able to understand the history of the city according to the citizens in order to develop a Sustainable Tourism Strategy. Which will help implement tourism services in every area of the city that can interest local tourists, foreign tourists, and expatriates to move around the city and discover the mysteries of the city.

       Obviously, Afetarik is ready to explore other cities in the country. Addis-Abeba is just a start point.

አፈታሪክ Afetarik is ready to explore the whole continent! 

- Meareg Tesfazghi 

Find your voice in your history